Dark 65

by Casa Luker
Info Details
Country Colombia   
Type Dark   (65%)
Strain Pandora   (Amazon)
Source Colombia   (Tumaco; Granja Luker)
Flavor Earthen   (promise of Fruits/Flowers)
Style Industrial      
Sweet Luke(r) defects to the Dark Knight side
Appearance   3.1 / 5
Color: dark for 65; subsoil brown
Surface: humble
Temper: flat, thin shine
Snap: mealy; porous edge
Aroma   8 / 10
marshmallow cookie monster... like NYC, the farther away, the better the panoramic FXs... but, whoa, once inside virtually identical to its 70% sib - similarly wooden the closer the nose gets, except toned-back & sweeter (incl papaya)
Mouthfeel   14.1 / 15
Texture: sensational for semisweet class; a breastaurant... roundly full & voluptuous
Melt: oh, so insidiously slow ‘n tender
Flavor   34.9 / 50
swings straight out on papaya -> marshmallow -> dry grain undergirding (yucca, malanga, soy)... grows minutely bitter & dirty plowing pecan + brazil nuts while holding enough of its fruit thru midpalate -> charred elements overtake the length (burnt coffee grounds) -> brownie black out; soot after FXs
Quality   9.6 / 20
Well harvested & fermented; this bean’s got some obnoxiously sexy genes (witness that sweetly concentrated opening) manhandled in the husbanding process for a bifurcated sensory contrast between texture / taste. The common culprit, as with all Luker bars: roasting – the perception of the degree of baking, frying, or torching varies solely on sugar content as every level - whether Extra Dark, Dark or Semi-Dark - actually undergoes the same long-&-strong heat treatment (probably close to an hour), compounded here thru excess lecithin (hence, the texture) which mulches the 85% woodframe into overcooked grains.

ING: cocoa mass, sugar, cacáo butter, soy lecithin, vanilla


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