Der Schokoladentester

It's been a couple of years since director of sourcing & QA manager Georg Bernardini left Coppeneur Chocolate, a barsmith that vaulted to stratospheric heights around 2009 on the strength of his work on seed selection & applying the German art of engineering,...

On the Chocolate Trail, by Deborah Prinz (2012)

Everyone knows folks insanely devoted to chocolate (ahem) but who knew Jews are meshuga (crazy) for it? Leave it to a yente Rabbi to get all farklempt over it. Rabbi Debbie Prinz. The working title of her book – Jews on the Chocolate Trail – might God-smack of some...

Candy Freak, by Steve Almond (2004)

Bookcase Location: MIDDLE SHELF - Permanent Collection Good title. Good chapter headings too: Night of the Living Freak; Last Man in America with Black Jack Gum; In the Belly of the Freak; Southbound with the Hammers Down - Southern-Fried Freak; Marshmallow Parallax;...

Chocolate: The Sweet History, by Beth Kimmerle (2005)

Bookcase Location: MIDDLE SHELF - Permanent Collection Nostalgic trip down memory lane – even for kids just born this morning. Great photos of posters, trademarks, labels, ads, & more. Like Thompson Candy’s pack of Camels called Humps chocolate “cigarettes”. And...

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