The Laws Of Chocodynamics

1st Law

Open your mouth… expand your mind… & grok the chocolate

2nd Law

Trust Your Pal (palate, that is)… good is what you like

3rd Law

There are standards & some chocolate is better than others; recognize quality even if you don’t like it

4th Law

Qualia – demand & seek the finest – sourced directly from suppliers of integrity, utilizing best-practices so that whatever you got will buy a lot

5th Law

Resist Madison Ave’s ‘we can make you like what you’ll like’ – don’t let them… the C-spot’s™ very reason for existing, borrowed from I Thessalonians 4:13, “For I would not have you to be ignorant…”

For example, marketing hype surrounding cacáo-content. The ‘greater the firepower – the better’ largely holds true… unless & until it reaches overkill & becomes self-defeating. Chocolate derives from seeds that are bitter for a reason – to ward off predators. Only with appropriate levels of components & time-lapse technology are they transmuted it into a refined specialty.

6th Law

Fool others, never yourself: do what so-called experts do: when in doubt, call it ‘complex

7th Law

There’s no great chocolate per se, only great bars… in the 3-way interaction to orchestrating flavor development – a) genetics; b) terra; c) processing – a great bar-smith can do little with a bad seed; a mediocre bar-smith can ruin a truly good one

8th Law

PS/b – Purity – Simplicity / balance

9th Law

U-N-I = 1 People<->1 Planet<->1 Prosperity

10th Law

The all-important alpha-omega principle: As in the beginning, so in the end, the only taste that matters is your own.

READER’S COMMENTS: 1 – 10… brilliant.  Love the Laws.  All critical to the new wave of chocolate evolution.  You nailed it. — FS; 4/16/13

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