Luisa Abram Rio Purús Wild Cacáo 70%


Primary Flavors: Spice; Dark; Earthen; Intense; Sweet; Cream

Notes of latent cream, chestnut, molasses, spices (licorice / sassafras), herbal roots + an indelible wild signature

The most rare & remote chocolate on Earth as of 2017.

Recovered deep within the Amazon jungle by Andre Banks. Crafted into chocolate by his daughter Luisa Abram. A family affair. DNA tested, analyzed & certified. A purebred.

An original prime root varietal of distinct & discrete genotype – Purús. (So christened using phytogeography: it flourishes wild along the Purús River in Brazil).

Chocolate insider Matt Caputo remarks: singular the taste… The notes direct & clear, but also arresting in just how unique they are compared to any other chocolate. Point blank: nothing else tastes like this. Even to the “died in the wool” aficionado, the flavor journey is completely new & uncharted.

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Varietal / genotype Purús
Grade Wild Harvested
Origin Rio Purús, Brazil, Boca do Acre, Arapixi Reserve, Maracaju
Vintage 2016
Harvester(s) Cooperar
Post-Harvest Fermentation: 1 week; quadruple turn

Drying: 5 days; sun-dried

Barsmith LuisaAbram
Cacáo-Content 70%
Ingredients cacáo mass & cane sugar; net weight 40 grams
Roasting Curve medium-high
Conche Refining 72 hours
Characteristics Tree Density: scattered
Soil: prime alluvial / clay, among most fertile in entire Amazon
Pod size / shape / shade / scent: small / bulbous with apex / yellow / sweet ‘n sour pulp – strong seed aroma
Seed # / pod: 35-45
Weight: <1 gram; small
Lipid content: ~60%
Flavor Profile: Spices / Herbs
Historicity: Every bit as significant & historic in its own way as Cru SauvageXoconuzco, & Mathale are in theirs for chocolate culture. A survivor-cacáo, for centuries, in the jungle teeming with bio-diversity, deep roots, vigor & taste… genuine heirloom. Also noteworthy for the intense color of its flowers, perhaps the most vivid of any cacáo.
Due to the nature of collecting this cacáo, fermentation challenges abound: picking pods off wild indigenous trees, splitting them open to scoop out the seeds en baba (re: still surrounded by pulp) along the riverbanks, bagging the seeds in sacks, then paddling onward to the next set of trees. The whole journey can last… days.
Production Date  2017
Expiry 2019 & for a taste of greater vintage, even better still thereafter
Landmarked 2017

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Weight 40 oz

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