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Like great romance, heirlooms are enduring & timeless. This 7-bar collection of officially designated heirloom chocolates, according to the HCP Fund (Heirloom Cacao Preservation), makes a special gift for chocolate lovers of every age.

The best chocolate starts with the finest Theobroma cacao trees. But these ‘diamonds of cacao’ – prized for fine-flavor – are vanishing due to deforestation & corporate plantations… their botanical treasures lost forever unless we all act to protect them. By purchasing this collection, we’re together saving endangered species.

Diamonds in fact are not forever. And other things come & go. But the memory of great chocolate melts with you… eternally…

Savor the chocolate flavor.

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7 tasting tablets, 15 grams each, of the officially designated Heirloom Chocolate Series

HCP (Heirloom Cacao Preservation) in partnership with the USDA is the first & only to map the world of hi-flavor cacao. In caring for these special trees, HCP faces down the specter of a world in which chocolate stands for nothing but the color of brown.


D7 Heirloom Chocolate Tasting-Tiles

Heirloom I: Alto Bení (68% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Upper Rio Beni Valley, Bolivia
Harvester: Volker Lehmann
Genotype / Pedigree: Amazon x ICS
Barsmith Zokoko (Australia)
Capsule Summary / History: Like the winner of Superbowl I, proudly bears the distinction of the 1st-ever officially-designated heirloom chocolate
Flavor Profile:   spice (brown sugar) against continuous basal cocoa counter -> brown fruits (raisin / dates / fig) -> green fruits (kiwi / starfruit) -> Tawny Port in the aft-length with hazelnut
Date of Heirloom Induction: February 2014

Heirloom II: Wild Bení (72% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Tranquilidad; Lower Rio Bení, Bolivia
Harvester: The River People / local forest dwellers
Genotype / Pedigree: Beniano
Barsmith Zokoko (Australia)
Capsule Summary / History: Archetypal; one of the great cacáos of all-time… documented by arguably the first Western chocolate-critic — Fr. Francis Xavier Eder in the 1700s
Flavor Profile:   small seeds = big flavor — chocolate nuts ‘n honey -> aged black fruit complex (black mission fig, blackberry, Empress plums, pomegranate, currant, black cherry) -> mildly condensed tannins (coffee / chicory) -> Bolivian fuchsia -> stringent lime washes up to liken a young Scotch
Date of Heirloom Induction: February 2014

Heirloom III: Orecao (70% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Hacienda Limon; Cotopaxi; Moraspungo; Los Rios; Ecuador
Harvester: Samuel von Rutte
Genotype / Pedigree: EET
Barsmith Millcreek Cacao Roasters (Utah, USA)
Capsule Summary / History: Vestiges of Ecuador’s fabled Nacional cacáo germplasm
Flavor Profile:   medium gauge blackberry & moraberry-laced cocoa with aromatic floral perfumes crushed underfoot -> nut barrel (pecan, brazil nuts, even cashews)-> barley malt -> candy corn -> caramel -> cookie dough / Oreo® sandwich
Date of Heirloom Induction: February 2014

Heirloom IV: Maunawili (72% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Agricultural Research Center; Kailua; O’ahu; Hawai’i
Harvester: Daniel O’Doherty
Genotype / Pedigree: Diverse Blend
Barsmith Mānoa (Hawai’i USA)
Capsule Summary / History: Modern heirloom from the new kid on the chocolate block — Hawai’i
Flavor Profile:   a fruit basket: black & blue chocolate fruits (both the berries named after those colors + plum) along with volcanic coral substrate -> dragon fruit, pineapple & delicate floral touches powder-puff the edges -> inviting stringent swipe leads to caramelized bignay (a subacid black berry) cuffed in the creaminess of abiu -> a splash-drop of bituminous lava
Date of Heirloom Induction: February 2014

Heirloom V: Mindo (77% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Co-Op Nueva Esperanza; Puerto Quito; Pichincha; Ecuador
Harvester: Barbara Wilson & Jose Meza
Genotype / Pedigree: EET
Barsmith Mindo (Ecuador; Michigan, USA)
Capsule Summary / History: similar in some respects to Heirloom III — both share common genetics & country — but this from farther north or ‘Arriba’ exhibits differential terroir
Flavor Profile:   fudge / brownie -> blackberry / pomegranate -> caramelized honeycomb -> peanut skins -> minor gentian root -> spice (tobacco & eucalyptus) -> classic Arriba stringency for the final swipe
Date of Heirloom Induction: February 2014

Heirloom VI: Terciopelo (74% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Coto Brus; Costa Rica
Harvester: Jim Carouba, et.al.
Genotype / Pedigree: Amazon (UAF; CatongoMatina)
Barsmith Fruition (NY, USA)
Capsule Summary / History: grown at relatively high altitude (better suited for coffee than cacáo); signals a return of Costa Rica’s once glorious chocolate culture
Flavor Profile:   quince-inflected chocolate hash -> paradise nut kernels (aka monkey pot — a combo of almond/walnut flavor) shaded in blackwood (Gliricidia madre)
-> black mission fig until just bitter black olive -> deep leather back
Date of Heirloom Induction: January 2015

Heirloom VII: Maya Mountain (70% cacáo-content)

Estate / Property: Toledo District; Moho River Valley; Belize
Harvester: Emily Stone, Jeff Pzena, et.al.
Genotype / Pedigree: Amazon (with some Criollo relics)
Barsmith Brasstown (N Carolina, USA)
Capsule Summary / History: Revered cacáo-growing region in Mesoamerica lauded by Fray Bartolomé de Fuensalida in 1618 for its sublime taste without any additives (no sugar / no vanilla, etc.)
Flavor Profile:   dramatic balanced array in a soul sauce — flash marshmallow root to raisin seeds & stems produces chocolate-wine -> sapote-fig stew accented with all-spice -> undergirding tobacco leaf -> vanilla-nance pudding to galvanize Milk Chocolate opposite cherry wood -> trim coconut
Date of Heirloom Induction: January 2015



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cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. May contain vanilla &/or lecithin; traces of nuts/milk

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