CHARACTERISTICS: overly generalized as sweet Pulp with intense Fruit/Floral scent & strong nut aroma as well; related to typical ‘Arriba’ flavor

Estacion Experimental Tropical or EET in Pichilingue Ecuador, an extensive clonal series numbering in the hundreds, many originating from CCAT (Centro de Cacao de Aroma) in Tenguel, Ecuador. Bred throughout the 1950-90s for productivity & disease-resistance; only recently in some cases screened for fine flavor aroma. Better ones typify stronger Nacional germplasm & characteristics, especially those clones selected  from the collection of Nacional genotypes (CGN) established in 1995 at INIAP-Pichilingue. For example, EET-62 (a better 3-way cross – Nacional x Criollo x Amazonthan the CCN-51) or EET-454 (a cross between an earlier EET-19 clone with SCA-6).


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