Founded: 2013
Headquarters: O’ahu, Hawai’i
Style: New School
Characteristics: instinct & improv
Ferment: experimental (including inocula [yeasts / bacteria] to accelerate microflora activity)
Roast: warmer than in actuality due to Hawai’i’s volcanic soils
Conche: mid length
Impact: An American original. Stakes its claim as the USA’s first vertically-integrated chocolate, in league with a small but growing cadre of others around the globe who practice Bud-to-Bud™ (cacáo tree bud to human taste buds) by planting, producing, processing & packaging the entire enterprise on-site, similar to the vintner model.

Seedlings & grafts planted in 2009 fruited in 2012-13 on limited acreage, cultivating an admixture of cacáo genotypes & optimize quality rather than maximize quantity. To pay it forward, Lonohana initiated a CSA campaign (Community Supported Agriculture) in which buyers purchase an annual membership for a year’s share of chocolate.

All a clear sign that the imprint is driving its stakes deep in the ground for the long haul.

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