FLAVOR PROFILE: small sample size but early releases on the int’l market suggest an anomaly among the genial coastal Venezuela cacáo; most of those pretty Naked, pure raw cocoa bean aromas, lots of nuts, caramel/malt/fudge-like etc., whereas this exhibits high tarts.

CHARACTERISTICS: considered ancient pure Criollo bearing enormous-sized, high yielding fruit embedded with white to light-colored seeds.

Discovered in the Guajira region & Sierra de Perija by Rio Guasare, Zulia, Venezuela. Related to Porcelana, or the Colombian Santa Marta varieties. Unfortunately, this fabled cacáo has gone underground ever since Chavista campesinos seeking land reform seized plantations growing Guasare by reportedly squatting on them. Recent sightings have spotted it in its original setting at Hacienda Tia Locha or re-surfacing as a clone to the east in Paria at Hacienda San José.

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