Varietal / genotype Purús
Grade Wild Harvested
Origin Rio Purús, Brazil, Boca do Acre, Arapixi Reserve, Maracaju
Harvester(s) Cooperar
Characteristics Tree Density: scattered
Soil: prime alluvial / clay, among most fertile in entire Amazon
Pod size / shape / shade / scent: small / bulbous with apex / yellow / sweet ‘n sour pulp – strong seed aroma
Seed # / pod: 35-45
Weight: Lipid content: ~60%
Flavor Profile: Spices / Herbs
Historicity: Every bit as significant & historic in its own way as Cru SauvageXoconuzco, & Mathale are in theirs for chocolate culture. A survivor-cacáo, for centuries, in the jungle teeming with bio-diversity, deep roots, vigor & taste… genuine heirloom. Also noteworthy for the intense color of its flowers, perhaps the most vivid of any cacáo.
Due to the nature of collecting this cacáo, fermentation challenges abound: picking pods off wild indigenous trees, splitting them open to scoop out the seeds en baba (re: still surrounded by pulp) along the riverbanks, bagging the seeds in sacks, then paddling onward to the next set of trees. The whole journey can last… days.
Landmarked 2017

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