Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Three Rivers, MA
Style: alternating Neo-Modern / New School
Characteristics:  precision / control
Ferment: optimal
Roast: on the lighter side
Conche: medium-hi / substantial
Impact: Young gun who settled on the Great Plains of the Upper Midwest then moved back to his home turf in Western Mass. Clearly taking aim to set his mark. Early releases emphasized  intriguing vegetal combination – the maker’s “roasted marshmallow x sun-dried tomato” – generated by low temp/raw-like convection-oven roast notes cut down with high temp conche that ironically fired off charcoal grille effects.

By 2013 Colin “Rogue” Gasko upped his game to rank among world leaders. Every facet & detail, no matter how ostensibly minor — from the opening sheen to the finishing flavor tag — studied & executed with intent & purpose to render the essence of cacáo free of anything extraneous. A top-level sensorial mentalist.

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