Founded: 2001 (sold to Hershey’s 2007)
Headquarters: Ashland, OR
Style: Rustic; started out by supporting sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, & animal habitats
Characteristics: Organic (but considering that crops imported into the USA are often fumigated &/or radiated at the border, the label is situational); rough to the roots (an appearance opposite of ‘visual-candy’, tough gritty textures, & predominately dried fruit flavors generating caramel tones from relatively high sugar levels formulated in the semisweet range)
Ferment: standard
Roast: mildly dark
Conche: medium-low
Impact: Treats chocolate like a native apothecary on a shamanistic way of the Yaqui leading to the 8-Fold Path, hence the name which refers to a Buddhist shrine; originally guided by head alchemist Frederick Schilling – the Carlos Chocotaneda of agriforestry.

Crown Jewels:

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