De Vries


Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Denver, CO
Style: New School
Characteristics: A maverick who serves Anton Ego with a fresh perspective in a kind of chocolate ratatouille that alternatively smells drunk of a balsamic persona, partially the result of aging chocolate in large blocks for up to several months well after it’s fully processed; surreal clarity but bracing too & the debate ensues between traditionalists who favor chocolate that tastes like… well, chocolate vs. the wine-‘n-cheese society that anoints vinegar as pure holy water
Ferment: short yet big, yielding green principles (cacáo verde) with an unrest exceeding even Domoric levels
Roast: low & slow
Conche: long & gentle
Impact: The retro-pioneer of the 21st Century American Craft Chocolate Movement operating under the motto ‘100 Years Behind the Times’ in an inverted twist of novelist Robert Musil’s maxim that “it’s not the genius who is 100 years ahead of his time but average man who is 100 years behind it”. Meticulous & artistic, a self-taught obsessive… visits the growing fields repeatedly to have a hand in directing post-harvest fermentation & drying.

Crown Jewels:

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