Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Giedraiciai Village, Lithuania
Style: neo-Classic
Characteristics: nothing extraneous but a very judicious use of various ingredients
Ferment: market dependent
Roast: air-popped
Conche: shifting toward a refined direction
Impact: A personal & social enterprise spearheaded by Domantas Uzpalis from a tiny, remote, rural hamlet on a dairy farm amidst cows, chickens, goats, fresh-picked berries & herbs. He & his helpers (formerly unemployed village women) initially hand-winnowed the beans in this far eastern outpost of artisanal chocolate. In the process, Domantas now likes to say “chocolate saved my life” in a saga both whimsical & surreal yet deadly serious, summed up as ‘shrewdly naïve’. (For details, see the Impact statement of this bar review.)

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