Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Toronto, ONT (Canada)
Style: Neo-Modern
Characteristics: Craft at its truest / newest. Instead of any firmly set bar list it’s a process of ‘hey, what can we whip up today’ based upon shifts in origins, blends & cacáo-content percentages depending on the season, availability, & mood. Spells f-r-e-s-h; specializing in purposeful blends — both intra- & inter-source — constructed in a way that the layered origins remain transparent.
Ferment: broker dependent
Roast: medium-hi
Conche: variable (including some coarsely textured batches) though generally respectful of a given bean’s intrinsic values
Impact: Canada’s first in the new era chocolate movement & a prototype for 21st boutique shopping: the corner butcher, the baker & now the bar-smith chocolate maker. David Castellan runs an all-inclusive chocolate emporium in Toronto’s historic distillery district where he grinds the beans, fashions them into chocolate & serves the fruits of his labor – bars to truffles & cakes to pastries — to eager customers lining up right on the premises at Soma’s adjacent café.


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