Ocumare 61
FLAVOR PROFILE: low-key chocolate to strong undertones of it; cream, caramel, biscuit & high bright notes (peaches & berries)

CHARACTERISTICS: presence of old Criollo (red pods), high productivity & good defenses against disease… therefore, successfully utilized in grafts for modern plantings which yield overall gentle / light touch with occasional gutsy acid spikes

Ocumare 67
FLAVOR PROFILEEarthen – nuts (peanut, pecan & cashew), spice like clove / vanilla, occasionally cream

CHARACTERISTICS: darker tone than its sibling, more aggressive & bold (61’s acids stripped away, hence, less fruit) + bigger structure

The “celebrated estate” in Ocumare de la Costa Valley, Aragua State, Venezuela visited by Stahel in 1924 (probably Santa Rosa) possessed a variety of high “repute” & bore some connection to Trinidad in the early 20th century.

It possibly laid the foundation for a ordinal series of hybrid crosses (numbered 1 thru 61 to 67 & up to 100 by order of appearance) made by Manuel Palma during the 1940s in Ocumare, Choroni, & Chuao valleys — all Venezuela.

Presumably a back-cross to Criollo of an Amazon-Criollo hybrid, most accurate to call it a near-Criollo.

Currently growing in Brazil, as well as Ocumare de la Costa Valley, where 99% of the cacáo woods were once, alas no longer, covered with red-fruited Criollo trees. Flavorfully kind & hardy.


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