Salgado / Fenix

Founded: 1889 / 2004
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Style: Industrial
Characteristics: sturdy
Ferment: unpredictable
Roast: long & strong
Conche: harsh
Impact: Among the most complete tasting tour of South American origins that misfires throughout the Semi-Dark to Dark range but a Milk Chocolate master (possibly for all the wrong or relative reasons): a portfolio which may point to radical differences in cultural/regional taste preferences. 

Salgado brazens its way, particularly its Dark bars, against the grain in many aspects of chocolate profiles, flaunting the inherent characteristics of any given cacáo’s genetics &/or origin, only to impose a house-style/predilection which presumably puts the company in good stead with its local market because it’s a successful chocolate maker in Buenos Aires ever since moving there from the native village of the company’s founder – Puebla de Trives in Galicia, Spain – in 1915.

Maybe Argentines can simply better tolerate harsh bitter chocolate than North Americans do; perhaps even enjoy / want / demand it that way which may account for the attraction here to its Milk Chocolate – where Salgado comes good again because its roasting techniques – long & strong – work well in that more elaborate format; a smoked-chocolate cutting thru milk solids in a similar effect to Java’s mechanically-dried cacáo which also creates a venerable pairing in Milk Chocolate.

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