Mast Brothers


Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
Style: started out Old School / Rustic, shifting lately toward retro-American
Characteristics: emo chocolate; profiles run narrow & deep – thick, dense, plodding, even melancholic – & rough ‘round the edges thanks largely to a bold roast of Mast intentions; flavored bars are their happy-place sweet-spot
Ferment: medium-low
Roast: what once consisted of dark & robust now nuances the flames
Conche: rudimentary but thorough (partially attributable to slightly less than perfectly winnowed beans)
Impact: Home chocolate; low-tech renegades showing the way no matter what the circumstance. Operated out of an apartment crib using crude utensils & kitchen appliances until the move-up to a commercial space early in ’09 – a good-looking space with modern amenities to suit — where you may notice, however, that seemingly any employee on the staff for a month or two qualifies to try their hand at the helm. Plus, an over-reliance recently on an inauspicious crop from Madagascaris just a kill-joy. Results from their old home kitchen were actually more convincing.Ahhh, the price of success: with expansion comes growing pains, & performance then often relates inversely to scale. No worry / no hurry… in due time they’ve sporadically re-made it up so that ‘Masts’ stand in short for ‘Masters of the Craft’… occasionally.

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