Scharffen Berger


Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Robinson, IL
Style: Classic
Characteristics: specializes in blends (apprenticed under a master of that art – Bernachon) of sharp red-fruited chocolate compared to Valrhona’s black, otherwise sharing similar approach
Ferment: high
Roast: low
Conche: medium
Impact: Broke Europe’s chokehold on the manufacture of premium chocolate & kick-started the New American micro-processor movement (De Vries, Askinosie, Patric, et. al.) whose success is partially responsible for it. Purchased by Hershey’s in the summer of ‘05 so get it soon before the flight of talent followed by the influx of corporate MBAs turn the USA’s 1st bean-to-bar craft chocolate into assembly line product. Avoid the assortments (just re-labeled Joseph Schmidt’s) & stick with the bars.

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