FLAVOR PROFILE: dried brown fruit & floral-laden complex

CHARACTERISTICS: shades of Nacional – robust with slight bitterness; small purple seeds

sca61One of 13 progenies whose parent was collected by Pound in 1937 from the Ucayali River Valley near Contamana, Peru while searching for cacáo resistant to the pathogen Crinipellis perniciosa – responsible for the dreaded Witches Broom – on a farm believed to be owned by an Eduardo Scavina. Pound discovered in Scavina 6 (SCA-6 for short), its former name, one of the more effective strains in neutralizing the ravages of witches broom, a consequence of this strain sharing a long history evolving together with the pathogen in the rainforest. A Contamana-Amazon with small fruit producing but few seeds that have floral aroma & a sweet pulp of medium intensity. Used extensively in cross breeding programs, both for its flavor characteristics & its hardiness in surviving harsh environments.

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