Grenada Chocolate Company

Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Hermitage, St. Patrick’s, Grenada, West Indies
Style: Rustic
Characteristics: girding flavor to reflect this island’s rugged terrain
Ferment: treated to a 6 or 7-day boxed-ferment (occasionally water-sprayed), then sun-dried anywhere from 3 days to… a Claudio Corallo-length 2 weeks (weather-dependent)
Roast: medium-high
Conche: tight
Impact: Started by Friend-of-the-Earth Mott Green, Grenada Chocolate Company pulls from several local properties — about 200 hectares in total — each a shareholder in the venture. Collectively their organic pods consists of a mix of 16 or so cultivars, some inter-cropped (with nutmeg, bananas, breadfruit, mango, cassava, African yams / dasheen) & others of pure-stand cacáo under shade-canopy (mainly by leguminous trees). By the time these reach the company’s centralized fermentary, they merge into relative uniformity inside a solar-powered manufacturing facility that processes the whole blend in one spot & keeps the valued-added profit at home to complete the vertically-integrated model. In addition to organic farming, the company practices Sustainable Delivery… some payloads of their bars are shipped from the Caribbean to the northern latitudes via the ancient mariner route: harnessing the power of the wind on a sailboat. That truly & literally enjoins the slow food movement.Grenada Chocolate Company… both ‘feel good’ (ethical / environmental) & ‘real good’ (craft quality). Let’s hope the pioneering spirit of Mott Green (d. 2013) survives into its future.

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