Founded: 1985
Headquarters: San Felipe, Toledo District, Belize
Style: Old School
Characteristics: Authentically Aboriginal; every plant comprising this chocolate — from the cacáo (some likely Criollo) to the sugarcane, vanilla & sometimes chili pepper — cultivated by Mopan & Q’eqchi’ Maya on Cyrila’s 5-acre orchard
Ferment: dripping super sweet tropical punch
Roast: light & long… the wonderment of cocoa-roasting on an electric skillet
Conche: Conche? What conche? None
Impact: Reviving heritage chocolate culture in an area deeply rich with historical lore — both social & botanical. Christened after the family matriarch in spirit with the Maya tradition of drawing power from ancestry worship & building upon the foundations of past generations (hence, the towering symbolism of deceased royalty entombed in the base of great Mayan pyramids). Belize’s premiere native barsmith in the modern craft era & Bud-to-Bud™ too (for cacáo flower-buds to your taste-buds… controlling the entire value chain from planting to producing, processing & packaging all in-house), to retrace chocolate’s lineage back to its roots at the source.

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