FLAVOR PROFILE: pending; limited releases show core chocolate & spices

CHARACTERISTICS: believed to originate from Vietnam in the 1930s/40s & classified as the nebulous “Trinitario” type cacáo of probable Amelonado backbone

Think Burma is only home to military juntas, sexual violence as an instrument of control, & the flow of illegal drugs for export over unpaved streets or crickety railroads? 

90% of the world’s precious rubies come from Burma’s “Valley of Rubies“, the mountainous Mogok area north of Mandalay, prized for their purity & noted for the rare pigeon’s blood rubies.

Under British administration, Burma rose to 2nd wealthiest country in South-East Asia, largely on account of becoming the world’s largest rice exporter. Then WWII hit (& hard… bombed extensively by both sides — British & Japanese), later coupled with the Burmese Way to Socialism in the 1960s — a catastrophic program that turned it into one of the most impoverished countries.

The country’s slow economic growth inversely contributed to the preservation of much of its ecosystems. Forests, including dense tropical growth & valuable teak in lower Burma, cover roughly half the country. Cacáo feels right at home in this environment & fits into the landscape. 

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