The basics: cocoa mass, cacáo butter, sugar, & sometimes vanilla & lecithin. That’s it; just natural ingredients at the top of the flavor scale for centuries now, simple as a loaf of bread or a Bentley.

Without dairy or other decoy flavors to combat, all’s focused on the bean itself, with its intrinsic qualities released in the same way grapes are crushed & fermented into wine. Real Theobroma artisans help shape the inner architecture that gives you access to the chocolate-code: the 4-Fs of Fragrance, Feel, Flavor, & Finish…

The 1st chocolate bar ever created was a dark, rough, gritty affair in 1847 credited to Fry & Son from Bristol, England, founded by Dr. Joseph Fry, a conscientious Quaker physician cut from the same mold as Cadbury, Hershey’s, & Menier. Prior to then, Europe followed the lead of the Mayans & Mexìcâs (Aztecs) & took it as a beverage.

The Fry Factory

These are mezzanine level Darks usually encompassing 50-70% (or more) cacáo content, which slightly overlap in their medium weight with Dark-Milks but without the dairy. The sandy texture of sugar at these percentages often becomes apparent, so spherical roundness drops down in favor of sharper, brighter flavors. Very accessible, these chocolates, only mildly bitter & acidic.

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