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Test Your Chocolate IQ — Genius or Positively Insane?

“the C-spot™ has become the most hated voice in the industry because it cuts straight to the chase, never cutting corners, so consumers won’t get taken for a ride”


Seeking ultimate knowledge (seriously, no kidding) of this once-forbidden fruit, “the food of the gods”? The Atlas guides you on the journey.


Chocolate Reviews

Want to find the world’s best chocolate? The fully-searchable Census is home to the most chocolate ratings & reviews on the web.


The Crushpad

A blog of what’s going on in the world of chocolate from gatherings & happenings to editorials on fair trade / sustainability & a whole lot more.



Heirloom Chocolate Series

the first-ever designated heirlooms

The best chocolate starts with the finest Theobroma cacao trees.

These ‘diamonds of cacao’ – prized for their fine flavor – are vanishing, their botanical treasures lost forever unless we all act to protect them.

Savor this collection of 7 chocolate bars before they’re gone…

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