Box Chocolate Review

Guido Gobino

Info Details
Country Italy   (Torino)
Style Rustic      
Chocolate just an excuse to run roughshod over it, transmuting alchemy back into calumny.
Presentation   5 / 5
a divination kit - so exquisite & delicate - wielded by a wizard
Aromas   2.2 / 5
infusion overflow
Textures/Melt   6.3 / 10
Shells: variable
Centers: variable
Flavor   27.4 / 50
Quality   15.6 / 30
Awkwardly heavy-handed
Couverture: generic
Classic Giandujottini – the original milk-free recipe for Turinese gianduja; a high-sugared take on hazelnut paste & chocolate
Milk Chocolate Giandujottini – the more popular version of gianduja, here a solid state nutella; instant sugar pop & saturation point
Cinnamon Hempisphere – red-hot candy shot to which chocolate cannot stand up
Peppermint Hempisphere – invasive, then pervasive; dry medicinal kick-start, vaporous heat cooled by cacáo, but too little too late
White Chocolate Hemisphere – draws a buttered blank
Pepe Rosa – pepper spray in White chocolate
Petit Grain – from the leaf of the orange tree; here, a soap dish for resort hotels, especially effective for mouthwash to clear, say, Gobino’s Peppermint Hemisphere
Lavender – apothecary-strength, leaving only a little fighting chance for Dark Choc
Gianduja Cream – best of the adult Nutella imitators; a runny sugar-heavy spread for snacking
Café Giandujottini – espresso level

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