Tranquilidad Forest Dark 74% Bar


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Varietal / genotype Béniano
Grade Wild Harvested
Origin Rio Béni, circa Estate Tranquilidad, Huarcaraje, Iténez Province, Bolivia
Vintage 2016
Harvester(s) the Cambas community
Post-Harvest Fermentation: optimal

Drying: in the sweet–spot 6-8% moisture range

Barsmith Amano
Cacáo-Content 74%
Ingredients cacáo mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter; net weight 85 grams
Roasting Curve  proprietary
Conche Refining  proprietary
Characteristics Tree Density: tall & relatively dense in patches of half hectares; close as 5 to 10 meters apart; scattered individuals throughout the entire forest… the 300 hectares of Tranquilidad Estate host approximately 10,000 of these trees
Soil: alluvial deep sandy
Pod size / shape / shade / scent: baby small as a mango / elongate with short apex / yellow / …
Seed # / pod: 28 – 42
Weight: light; .5 to .7 grams per seed
Lipid content: 56 – 58%
Flavor Profile: Fruits / Flowers
Historicity: For centuries Béniano cacáo has been revered by pre-Columbian cultures, as well as European explorers.
Seasonal flooding from the Madeira & Guaporé rivers forming the Bolivia / Brazil border primarily accounts for these isle wetlands. In the wake of such floods, early peoples may have then built irrigation systems to sustain them.
Multi-trunked trees also indicate some antiquity (see photo gallery above). Those come about when the mother tree dies & young shoots bloom at differing successive years over the course of the tree’s life & clump together.
Additional importance lies in Beniano being Witches Broom-tolerant — a disease & one of cacáo’s mortal enemies.
Production Date  2017
Expiry 2019 & for a taste of greater vintage, even better still thereafter
Landmarked 2016

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