Mørk India
Melk Brunost
Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær
Hvit Kakaonibs

by Fjåk Sjokolade
Info Details
Country Norway   
Type Dark-Milk   (+ Flavored; + Dark)
Strain CCRP Amazon Complex   (+ Hybrids)
Source India   (+ Brazil; + Haiti; + Madagascar)
Flavor Earthen   (x Twang)
Style New School      
Introducing Norway's first bean-to-barsmith.

Agur & Siv, the brains & the brawn of Fjåk Sjokolade, might just be the Freyja & Iðunn from Norse mythology reimagined in the craft chocolate space.

Some hammer-heavy flavors -- even their Milk Chocolates. Yes, the recent "Dark Ages" of high-cocoa content bars yields to milky Enlightenment. Quite the companions in the current post-truth media-verse.
Appearance   4 / 5
Color: Mørk India: sienna side of brown
Melk Brunost: cinnamon red
Mørk Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær: polychrome
Hvit Kakaonibs: technicolor unnecessary; B&W sufficient
Surface: clean (save for the speckled & sprinkled Mørk Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær as well as Hvit Kakaonibs)
Temper: clear wax
Snap: soft-spoken
Aroma   7.6 / 10
Mørk India
68% cacáo-content; CCRP Amazon Complex genotype; Udumbannoor; Idukki District; Kerala State; India
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, unrefined sugar, cocoa butter

Earthenware dirty-chocolate... subsoil, roots & rhizomes caramelizes into fudge
2nd draft a fruit lift

Melk Brunost
45% cacáo-content; Pisa / Produits Des Iles SA; Cap-Haitien; Haiti
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, unrefined sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, goat brown cheese, salt

warm & cozy mead-like spice atop some cheese spunk

Mørk Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær
70%% cacáo-content; Hybrids; Bejofo Estate; Sambirano Valley; Madagascar
INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, unrefined sugar, cocoa butter, reindeer lichen, lingonberry

balsamic dried fruit must & musk... as if planted animal spirits

Hvit Kakaonibs
cocoa Nibs from Fazenda Sempre Firme; Mata Atlantica; Brazil
INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter, milk powder, unrefined sugar

a farm yard straight up the nasal passage including livestock, wood barn & all
Mouthfeel   13.8 / 15
Texture: true to the various elements
Melt: eventful
Flavor   42.1 / 50
Mørk India
fudge transfer of the Aroma with that fruit point (pomegranate) in a malted grain bed -> savanna blossoms -> late coffee licorice -> wood resin (mild myrrh + sandalwood), caustic undercoat (grass 'n pepper)

Melk Brunost
power milk wash (cream, casein, cholesterols... the whole she-bang) -> caramelizes into butter toffee -> molasses -> stomps off on goat tang with a pine kick (the last note thanks to its Haitian cacáo base)

Mørk Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær
balsamic mustard turns citric turns acidic til cocoa fat & cane sugar turn it back to candied tart berries

Hvit Kakaonibs
heavily extracted milk powder, practically to the level of whey, just dominates the proceedings
Quality   15.7 / 20
Mørk India
Among the most well-comported Indian chocolate bars to date. Dappled with nice imprints too -- fruit & floral upper register. Granted Fjåk sprinkles a twee more sugar than the standard dark 70% so vogue nowadays to cover over some flaws left over from the source. Since this cacáo lacks the abundant acidity found in origins like, say, Madagascar, which leaves little uptake from the compounds to transmute extra sugar. Still, presages excitement for India in the years ahead as the country matures into its chocolate culture.

Melk Brunost
Among the strongest Milk bars ever, be it Dark-Milk or regular Milk. Thanks in no small measure to the Brunost -- a heavily concentrated brown "cheese" so identified with Norway. More akin to boiled whey protein than cheese, the stuff conveys both strength (the whey, again) + sweetness (its brown color attributed to lactose sugars caramelized in the processing). Some claim its flavor on its own resembles milk chocolate. But paired here with Pisa Haitian cocoa for a double milk chocolate FX.
Definitely not 'same stuff / different wrapper'.

Mørk Reinsdyrlav & Tyttebær
Such distinctly Norwegian name. Festive if bracing. Overbearing really. Both the Reinsdyrlav (a lichen aka 'reindeer moss'...., hey, just in time for Xmas)) & Tyttebær (Lingonberry) ring the jingle acids. Compound with Madagascan cacáo, with its own intrinsic acidity, & a complement upon a compliment upon a complement installs (insults?) a scouring stack. Perfect for naughty gluttons who need their mouths washed out with something other than soap.

Hvit Kakaonibs
A once-novel configuration now quite common -- Nibs in White Chocolate. Fjåk transforms the combo into durable heavy-duty material here.

Reviewed June 30, 2021


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