Java 75%

by Alain Ducasse
Info Details
Country France   
Type Brut   (75%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Indonesia   (Java)
Flavor Earthen   (scorched Earth)
Style Industrial      
A life pondering chocolate suspends itself, at the very melting point of a bar, in a kind of transcendence. The experience inhabits 'union' -- at its best fully, kindly, & creatively -- for a temporary glimpse of immortality.

Instant enlightenment attained... once realizing that none of it lasts... forever. The very nature of living; with hopefully the wisdom to fulminate less / praise more, in the spirit of compassion & respect for those who toil to bring chocolate, any chocolate, into fruition.

Especially if it falls way short of expectation, & goads self-righteousness to condemn it... but then refrains from such vitriol.

This bar demands such restraint & forgiveness while testing the limits of both of these virtues.
Appearance   4 / 5
Color: no light/white Java 'A' here; dark gunsmoke with purple wisp
Surface: fair
Temper: recessed
Snap: brittle dry
Aroma   4.3 / 10
runs right over the nostrils with a Big Mack truck fuming diesel out the twin exhausts & burning rubber tires + brake fluid
beneath it all a load of cocoa scatters
leaves behind skid marks & a snub nose
Mouthfeel   12 / 15
Texture: great balls of fire-wax
Melt: liquid smoke
Flavor   14.2 / 50
sour diesel (sorry, stoners, the nonflammable variety)
grilled cocoa -> charcoal lighter fluid -> sour-sauce underneath with a trace of lemongrass -> smoke entrails to the high-heavens over the horizon -> strident stringent grip
Quality   3.1 / 20
Bar-b-q sauce.

Tainted goods / fire-damaged. Java's mechanically-dried cocoa -- in this case uncontrolled smoke -- practically fried in cacáo's own grease. Add-in a rank ferment to the woes.

Ducasse should've never taken delivery; shipment should've been rejected. Either that or re-direct them to one of the nearby chocolate giants to re-commerce in their candy bars smothered in sugar & vanilla.

At least this bar stands somewhat alone in the Ducasse line-up... un-marred by rancid emulsifier oils. The smoke effectively clouds the sunflower lecithin up.

Gives "fine chocolate" a soot-covered rep.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla

Reviewed June 25, 2013


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