GEN’L FLAVOR PROFILE: Citric / Twang with buttery nuts; excruciatingly meek in bar form

GEN’L CHARACTERISTICS: fruits to about the size of a cantaloupe &, like cacáo, contains seeds surrounded by a white sweet ‘n sour pulp; contains on average higher fat content than cacáo. So much ultra-lush butter in fact should obviously make for great White Chocolate.

Theobroma grandiflorum, a genetic cousin of cacáo .

Cacáo comprises one of 22 species or so (15 of which are edible with Bicolor and Angustiflorium the other relatively well-known / cultivated members) belonging to the genus Theobroma. Hence the binomial, Theobroma cacao.

Commonly known as capuaçu in Brazil, Grandiflorum’s pulp is what attracts mostly Brazilians and is popular in juices, jams, pies & ice-creams.

Beyond mere flavor, Grandiflorum‘s pulp, seeds, & leaves have served medicinal functions for centuries in the Amazon basin among early Amerinds — the Waimiri, Atroari, Cabloclos & Tikuna. They used it particularly for gastrointestinal discomfort, giving birth, kidney infections, & even colon cancer.

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