Founded: 1997
Headquarters: Plantacao de Terreiro Velho, San Principe Island
Style: Old School
Characteristics: bold & upfront; a perfectionist about roast
Ferment: long (up to a couple weeks; i.e., twice the norm); employs a local hardwood called Iroko for fermentation boxes & dries beans on clay tiles with coal fire in sealed compartments underneath
Roast: dark
Conche: short
Impact: The Cacáo Jones of the trade, husbanding a humble &, until now, neglected varietal of potentially historical value: a possible direct descendent of the 1st cacáo to leave its American homeland in 1822 for the Old World… to San Principe Island off the Atlantic coast of Africa. An Amazon Amelonado rechristened Monka, grown on his own estate – Plantacao de Terreiro Velho. Corallo intimately knows the DNA of his trees & their seeds which goes with the territory when cultivating, harvesting, & handling every step in the processing chain himself (among the few who can make this claim). Beyond Bean-to-Bar, it’s Bud-to-Bud™ (cacáo flower bud to your taste-bud) & Claudio Corallo a full-fledged ‘Budsman’.

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