Info Details
Country USA   
Type Dark   (70%)
Strain Hybrid   
Source Dominican Republic   
Flavor Crossover   
Style Old School      
Starts life as some sweet little cocoa bean, then unleashes the beast & morphs faster than Barry Bonds into a shaved loup-garou on steroids; a patentable monster that just rocks the pants off with brooding intensity. It's THE soul-sauce for Rogue's open-pit B-B-Q grille.

Lives up to its billing to bring out the heart (demons & all) of the bean.
Appearance   5 / 5
a pin-up
Color: polychromatic - festive orange ray & decadent red eye + a little purple fleck set in dark brown (combo high roast & D.R. hanging out in Ecuador's gene pool)
Surface: clean designer ware
Temper: glittering
Snap: parties like the rock star it is - loud & proud; straight, fine-sanded edge
Aroma   8.3 / 10
wood-burning oven just torches the house down... outside green foliage chewed on by the hedgehog (incl asparagus tips) while inside butter, like so much upholstery, smolders in smoke damage (vinyl, plastics, polymer waxes) -> citrus juice (primarily grapefruit & orange) called-in to douse the flames -> fruit develops progressively sweeter 'n lighter as it gets airborne & oxygenates -> smoke clears producing roasted nuts & olives
Mouthfeel   13 / 15
Texture: sauce thicka than Meech's snicka & about as ghetto too w/ weight
Melt: ponderously viscous; virtually no astringency
Flavor   47.2 / 50
gotta be fast on the tongue as this gets productive at warp speed w/ lightning qwik evolution, deceptively slowed by paradoxically patient melt: brown sugared cane rum -> sweet brambles + adorable fuzzy apricot -> cherry -> dried cocoa -> nut slam (walnut & pine woods) -> smoke rising -> olive tapenade w/ molasses (instead of anchovies) spreads across the pal -> unleashes the beast & runs wildly meaty (visceral blood & iron) like an osteoblast into chocolate molé still backed by that famed Dominican olive 1st sighted in Cluizel's Ancones coating the tongue... compressed layering -> bittering inner-strength, including concrete dust -> toward finish washes down w/ coffee & light citrus spritz moistening the body; mentholated licorice in the aft-shaft
Quality   18.8 / 20
Structurally a brick house; dark & dense. The equivalent of 'old world' in the Napa vs. Bordeaux Battle of the Grape Estuaries that takes place in every Falcon Crest home. A break-thru bar defining a characteristic house style, splitting the difference in the New American craft chocolate movement between carrying the weight & density of De Vries without the controversial balsamic features, & the accessibility of Amano without the obvious pop flair (like that this employs Tahitian vanilla to assist in generating the All-American flavorite cherry tones).

Bean selection tastes so thoroughly & genetically hybridized into a 'natural blend' complex (distant shades of Chuao, & with all that molasses, but really more akin to Carenero Superior; & recalls Marcolini's Cabosse, a blend of SdL & Java) producing phenomenal range of breadth & depth, all well-harmonized during meticulous handling, building up musculature with head-on diesel force slamming into the senses, unlike Rogue's Trinidad, which gives pause whether this joint is just a one-off fluke or a sign of more greatness to come.

Bet the latter.


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