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The back flap has this John Tullius quote: “9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th person lies”. This is a lie itself. Some people dislike it. You’ve met them… & those are the ones you mistrust for reasons far deeper than dishonesty.

Basically a thick Harper’s Index of chocolate facts ‘n stats right up to the edge of reason. Including a few counterintuitive ones that raise eyebrows:
– U of Rhode Island research indicates chocolate milk benefits lactose-intolerant individuals;
– Polling data shows the more money you make, the more you like chocolate (but is the converse true?);
– Guys, FYI… women crave chocolate most during evenings & late night;
– The frankincense of Mesoamerica – ancient Toltecs burned cacáo at their altars;
– Though Black Forest Cake is Deutsch, German Chocolate Cake is American & named after Sam German;
– Nutella worldwide outsells all peanut butter brands combined;
– Chocolate Relationships – better & cheaper than therapy
– “A little chocolate every now & then wouldn’t hurt.” – Lucy van Pelt of the Peanuts comic strip in response to John Lennon’s “All You Need is Love”
– Sharing with someone who likes the pieces you dislike

the C-spot™ addendum: one advantage over sex – you can do it in front of your mother.

Truthfully, this book’s a lot of filler.

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