A multi-part series on the rescue & recovery of a rare & vanishing cacáo strain in Marañón Canyon, Peru

(Based on a true story; some names & circumstances have been altered to protect sources)


PART I — Everybody, Headfirst into the Gene Pool: Sex, Drugs & Opera

PART II — Plotting a Convolution

PART III — Jungle M&Ms

IV. — Contrabandoleros

V. — Southbound with the Hammers Down

VI. — Chocolate Roasting on an Open Fire

VII. — Terroirism: If You Taste Something, Say Something… & Then DO Something

VIII. — Dateline June 2009 Bagua Province, Peru  

IX. — Whoa, What Sexy Genes Ya Got On 

X. — High Upon Fortunato’s Farm

XI. — The Mother ‘F’ Tree

XII. — Int’l Chocolate Diplomacy

XIII. — All In The Family & The Family All In

XIV. — Auctionable & Collectible 

XV. — Damn Fortune

XVI. — Pearson & Sons: The New Nacional Guardsmen

XVII. — Belly-Slammed Back to Reality

Postscript: Chocolypse Now


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