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Hello C-spotters! Welcome to our inaugural newsletter. Fully roasted but perhaps a little underconched. Keepin’ it real (not raw).


Solomon Island Chocolate

A King? A Temple? A Bar?

Been to the Solomon Islands? Dunno where Solomon Islands is? Neither did we. A bar from there recently landed on our doorstep. We called 2 of the top cacáo geneticists in the world, guys who plot & map every Theobroma cacao tree on earth. Did they know about this stuff from the South Pacific? They gave it a long think, then said: “Let us get back to you.” When they finally did, they asked “How did you get this? And can we have some?”

This month we post the first-ever review of a single-origin bar from Solomon Islands, about as far off the beaten path as you can get. How does it taste? See the review and find out.

Who is Mark Xian, anyway?

Brady Brelinski, editor of the Flavors of Cacao, sat down with the C-spot’s® elusive figurehead. This far- & wide-ranging interview covers lots of ground & dives to considerable depth. Is it really, as Brady said, a “chocolate magnum opus”? Take a nibble, chocolatarians, & judge for yourselves.

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Heirloom cacáo — it’s on the way…


Marañón Chocolate

The New Nacional Guard

Think your dream job is making chocolate? Meet Dan Pearson.

We dug deep into the dirt to find out what it really takes to make source-to-sale chocolate. Over the holidays we wrapped up this 18-part series about the rescue & recovery of a rare, vanishing cacáo strain in Marañón Canyon, Peru. Come along on this hard-hitting, unvarnished look behind-the-scenes. This isn’t the usual about child-labor, pesticides & yummy cupcake fodder for cafés from Paris to L.A., but the inside dope & intrigue of shady deals, politics, money, power, romance, and some real seedy characters. Read all about it!

Can Chocolate Stop a Civil War?

People in the Congo have a choice: plant cacáo or shoot bullets. Ben Affleck (you’ve heard of him) & the Eastern Congo Initiative are playing their part to end civil war & bring cacáo to the market. Contribute if it suits you, or better yet buy Theo’s Congo Vanilla Nib Bar (reviewed here) & satisfy all your desires at once.

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