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Stimulating your own private the C-spot™ got you frothing (or foaming) at the lip? Now you can ‘til it runneth over… Coffee / tea / soda – so conventional, corporate & 20th century. Ahhhh, cacáo – cocoa – chocolate….the original energy drink!

So what are you waiting for? Escape from behind bars & get back to the beverage

Get ready for your mugshot..
Now say ‘Choc-o-Lot’

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Our signature mug features the C-spot™ logo on one side and the Mayan glyph for cacáo on the other. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Holds 12 ounces of beverage.

The Mayan glyph for cacáo as deciphered by Lounsbury, Stuart,
the fish stood as the archaic symbol for ‘ka’; the comb would serve the same abbreviated purpose. The 2 dots to the left of the fish head denote a doubling effect so, in the absence of the comb, the fish with 2 dots equates to ka ka. In either case, they appear above the ‘wa’ syllable producing ‘kakawa’.

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Weight 13 oz

12 oz

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