Heirloom Cacao Preservation

at The Institute Of Culinary Education, NYC The best chocolate in the world starts with the fruit of the finest Theobroma cacao trees. How can we all support the world’s foremost geneticists & flavor specialists to save heirloom cacáo from extinction? The Heirloom...

As Intended?

Excerpt of Intentional Chocolate’s Dark Bar originally posted March 8, 2012 in The Chocolate Census (for the full review, click here). For an in-depth investigative report on Intentional Chocolate’s operations, partnerships & purported research, see...

Is Chocolate Gay?

 (Excerpt from Willie’s El Blanco White Chocolate bar review) Other than God & sex, chocolate is the most powerful force on Earth. Its connections to the other 2 are indisputable: Theobroma cacao named by Linneaus is Greek for God-food; Cacáo earns its...

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