Info Details
Country Switzerland   
Type Dark   (72%)
Strain Hybrid   (residual Nacional)
Source Ecuador   (Mocache, Los Rios)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   (backed w/ Earthen)
Style Classic      
Warms up like a Catholic school girl after the 1st kiss to My Chemical Romance's 'Welcome to the Black Parade' blasting on the system. Beaten, broken, & scarred... not a chocolate heroine; just a damn good bar.
Appearance   4.5 / 5
Color: coldfusion: black, purple & a speck orange
Surface: unassuming: plain, simple, & clean
Temper: flat matte
Snap: earsplitting loud & sharp; smooth edge
Aroma   7.3 / 10
what blows the wrapper off rapidly dissipates & goes cold like its color... chocolate -> coffee, black 'n blue fruit, cookie crumb, + hidden butter-locked jasmine/cinnamon & BMX latex
Mouthfeel   12.9 / 15
Texture: dry beginning... velvet alert: 400 club (ala kissing burns 400 calories)
Melt: full-bodied, even flow w/ tremendous dispersion in every direction
Flavor   44.8 / 50
unpacks a candy bomb fronting for a chocolate twister... just rips the lips -> Los Rios fig sustains the mid-palate (ala República del Cacao's) -> sweetsop fruit (RE: custard)... merges into ylang more than jasmine (custard here w/ ylang's licorice twizzler on the heels of neroli deep in the reaches) -> classically, forever patiently, turns blacker & bumps up the volume, parading currants, prunes, berries, pepper, & molasses w/ impossibly long legs -> chocolate bangs out more damage - blows up a black-market black-cake that bakes onto that now deep chocolate custard core -> fades astringent walnut -> after math: coffee grinds
Quality   18.2 / 20
Meticulous dissertation. Boasting a 72 hour conche - an inflationary figure given the antique longitudinal machine employed - partially accounts for that creamy-360 texture, & also the subdued highlights as a lot of volatiles have been rolled off after being burned up in a hot roast, leaving a very black-lit set against which they gradually, then only dimly, appear. A bar worth its weight as long as you can wait for it. Knighted among the tops of the so-called 'Arriba' field.


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