Jamaica Nibs

by Oakland
Info Details
Country USA   
Type Nibs   
Strain Hybrid   
Source Jamaica   (St. Mary's Parish; Islington)
Flavor Earthen   
Style Old School      
From a stand of cacáo trees possibly cultivated in a Balm-Yard -- Jamaican place of healing rites & sorcery associated with both Black and White magic. Or in the case of these Nibs, ‘Brown magic’... invoking luck & love.

Take one handful, ruminate, & ingest.

Ceremony over.
Appearance   5 / 5
Color: golden to dark brown
Surface: solid-cut chunks
Temper: tiny glint
Snap: n/a
Aroma   9.6 / 10
spot on: banana-cocoa, woods chips & nuts -> the lone off note a little creosote (happily covered though by peach palm)
Mouthfeel   13.8 / 15
Texture: excellent padding / very forgiving tooth
Melt: consistent gruel
Flavor   47.4 / 50
peach palm leads it out, in & around cocoa -> soiled components -> woods ear mushroom + good mineralization (including sodium & umami + mild iron bitter) -> small filet-cut garnished in French thyme -> goes nuts (mainly brazil) over some limestone for a phytolith particle -> clears out banana peel (moderate stringency) then back to where it all began (palm leaf-on-cocoa) -> banana fruit in the after-math
Quality   19.3 / 20
Re-confirms what Oakland Chocolate Company’s unroasted Bean promised: mild cocoa seasoned with tolerant -- even tender -- over & under tones, all delivered with a Texture to match.

Assiduously winnowed; nary a speck of husk shells to be detected. And the roast stays true to the cacáo: modest (perhaps even a degree or two on the cool side; more heat would’ve drawn out greater cocoa definition but also less savored elements as well as those dappled high notes).


ING: cocoa nibs

Reviewed July 2011


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