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Country France   
Type Brut   (70%)
Strain Blend   
Source (mostly Venezuela)
Flavor Fruits & Flowers   
Style Classic      
The godfather & genesis of it all (as we know it*); fires the imagination far easier & tastier than ‘speculum literature’ (i.e., encyclopedias written as novels) from the Middle Ages. show more »
Appearance   4.7 / 5
Color: magma maroon
Surface: sculpted by estheticians
Temper: florescent wax
Snap: rumble, rattle, & molten snap
Aroma   7.2 / 10
Mochatoa... erupts cacáo-java lava from substrata vents: mild roasted coffee / deep cocoa; shockingly plain & mundane considering what’s to come, akin to bathing or napping in Pompeii right before the big one; rosewood & burnished cinnamon among the (much lower) depth charges
Mouthfeel   13.6 / 15
Texture: starts vitreous, swirls kinetic...
Melt: ... flows down viscous silk
Flavor   45.3 / 50
earthquake in the mouth gets the head’s house rockin: 1st vent cherry coffee -> berry explosion... pick a berry, any berry you want ‘cept dingle – black, blue, rasp, straw, choke – even riberry (cinnamon ‘n clove-like) -> in the lower depths coffee continues to hum -> an acid vein shoots up kumquat (sour interior / sweet exterior); architectronics shift into disorientation – a dizzying array spinning in an inverted upside down corkscrew vortex laughing at single-bean freaks the whole way thru... - sheer vertigo saved by apparition of pure chocolate climax -> onward to mango groves & pineapple grooves -> cream cashew, whew! -> cinnamon/ cocoa cascade... -> the stunning gradual dissolve: a shimmering wreath of drifting wildflowers – ylang, bougainvillea, lotus, & lilacs - symbolizes enormous havoc can wreak sublime beauty
Quality   18.4 / 20
A blend of 10 or 12 beans (who can keep track?); too manifold, with so much going on, to capture in 1 take. Those diagnosed with A.D.D. & prescribed A-S-S, should try this instead. So complex a parallax effect depending on where you’re sitting in relation to your standing in the world, the astrological forecast, how you’re feeling, & whether your pet had sex lately. Everybody has a radically different take except one: all demur to its greatness. Relatively light-bodied despite thicker-than-average melt, & ultimately somewhat diffuse, but brings it with masculine exhilaration. Creative destruction / organized chaos; proof of intelligent design thru evolution. Get your ya-yas up, this is the divined neo-Darwin bar.

Reviewed Spring 2007


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