Box Chocolate Review


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Country USA   (B’lyn, NY)
Style Mainstream      
Goo-goo ga-ga doo-doo poo-poo (all adds up to caca-doodle no-no)
Presentation   2.7 / 5
molds of butterflies, daffodils, & roses w/ lots of pretty pinholes; tempered to sullen wax
Aromas   3 / 5
infusion heavy
Textures/Melt   3.2 / 10
Shells: thick fortresses
Centers: dry & unforgiving
Flavor   30.8 / 50
amped, distorted, & flyblown; somewhat overstated infusions that, even if crafted at perfect equilibrium, clash with the candy tones of a telltale cherry/marshmallow-inflected couverture sourced from Colombia, the sum jamming & causing canceling effects, plus crossover interference against signal clarity across the spectrum... a gen’l loss of control
Quality   14.6 / 30
K-Mart / Walmart, aisle 6, bottom shelf
Couverture: Santander
Jasmine - girding tea threads a marshmallowed chocolate base to blow up jasmine choc-chip cookie momster
Raspberry - stringent archeological ruins; ganache completely collapsed & cratered inside the thick shell, leaving an evacuated dry berry flavor
Earl Grey - big bergamot oil slick over cookie dough chocolate reeking vanilla; indelicate crowd-getter
Brandy Espresso - a cup o’ mess
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