Box Chocolate Review

Cuore di Cacao

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Country Brazil   (Bigorrilho, Curitiba)
Style New School      
The Schneider sisters (Bibiana & Carolina) think deep inside the box, coming up with local variations on standard combos without getting overly eccentric. Young & promising.
Presentation   4.1 / 5
several pieces adorned w/ nat’l symbols from Copacabana sidewalk tiles to the berimbau instrument of capoeira, & the “night plant” - Victoria Regia, the largest water lily in the world growing in the Amazon
Aromas   4.8 / 5
remarkable segregation – each scent separate & independent; in other words, fresh
Textures/Melt   6.7 / 10
Shells: thin
Centers: thick, fudge consistency; often gritty
Flavor   39.7 / 50
simple & direct; very neutral profile to the couverture; infusions quite stratified
Quality   22.8 / 30
Clarity of elements shows good potential
Couverture: Callebaut; Valrhona
Banana & Cachaça – the latter an alcohol distilled from sugar cane juice (not to be confused w/ rum), concentrates the fruit into caramel savor
Coconut – dark choc melts away to shredded coconut, which carries flavor forward; plain, basic & good
Café – Brazil’s 2 mighty cash crops, cacáo & coffee, united in its 3rd - sugar; again, rather 1-sided as coffee stomps the beat
Passion Fruit – unusual, innovative setting in a Milk Chocolate caramel; the contrast between high & low works stunningly well as Milk cools brassy passion
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