Box Chocolate Review

John Kelly

Info Details
Country USA   
Style Mainstream      
Just because. Starved sludge dressed up as fancy fudge wearing too much make-up.
Presentation   4.8 / 5
solid cube of gold-foiled bullion wrapped around enrobed 'truffle fudge'
Aromas   2.7 / 5
mall candy-bomb: explosion of fake-fruit / sunburst skittles
Textures/Melt   9.2 / 10
Shells: thick & soft
Centers: Nestlé / Borden: heavy evaporated milk dosed w/ sugar for sclerotic condensed milk FXs
Flavor   21.8 / 50
direct download from aroma; emasculated cocoa needs to grow a new set of pods - absolutely no balls left, let alone any heft - leaving chocolate so bland it never gets in the way of other ingredients; instead just a conduit for sugar-pumped flavorings
Quality   12.4 / 30
Bagged product, deli-style, right between the spam & the baloney.
Couverture: Peter's Semi-Sweet
Raspberry - a pink thing... raspberry sugar 'n cream
Orange - rowdy citrus rips into a soft-salt on its way to rolling up caramel tones
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