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Christopher's Confections

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Country USA   
Style New School      (w/ a nod to Neo-Modern)
Christopher Elbow & Christopher Norman... meet Christopher Blume - part of the Chris-Cross in America. If Elbow sits high on top the pyramid, & Norman can be found just about everywhere subterranean nowadays (check the basement of Whole Paychecks), then Blume’s a rising sun bringing new light.
Presentation   4.2 / 5
simple, well-tempered molds w/ tight fit & finish
Aromas   4.1 / 5
positively balanced between couverture & slightly-favored infusions which carries over into flavor profile
Textures/Melt   7.1 / 10
Shells: medium to thick crackle
Centers: softly dense
Flavor   42.9 / 50
epitomizes New American approach: strong pattern of infusion-forwardness at start (w/out tripping over), then generic stock chocolate gaining prominence at finish
Quality   25.8 / 30
Good synergy & balance; plus inventive without being eccentric. Better couverture would raise overall curve.
Couverture: mostly Barry Cacao - Callebaut
Banana Maté – roasted tea squarely counters otherwise toothpaste-round banana for a little ganache magic which ever gradually reaches a choc-chip cookie dough finale>br> Gingerbread – realistic; ginger clambers all over hazel-milk center progressing to another good reveal in the late stage
Peppercorn – pepper a box-cutter thru a flat dark that gets up off the mat to envelope & absorb it; excellent
XO – Hennessy rips the front end, almost springing too much & too hot, then true to form, chocolate catches to calm it for 2 fortified spirits
Butter & Scotch – good play on words & flavors, albeit an oozy gun of runny soft caramel knowledge
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