Box Chocolate Review

The H - Box

Info Details
Country UK   
Style Industrial      (Mainstream)
H for Hackneyed
Presentation   2.2 / 5
dime store
shrink wrapped; plastic trays
mass production shapes & glazes
Aromas   3.8 / 5
convincing enough to overcome the Presentation woes
Textures/Melt   5.1 / 10
Shells: cardboard
Centers: a mess
Flavor   30.4 / 50
One indistinct piece after another, the sum total just blurs together
Quality   15.8 / 30
Every hotel, even luxe ones, have a servants & maids quarters. And there the tuck-in service includes a box of spuds for what looks, smells, tastes, & feels outsourced.

It's beneath Hotel Chocolat to have this clap-trap on the premises, let alone released to the public.
Soft Caramel -- generica

Nutty Caramel -- knocks then pulls the fillings out of the teeth; but enough sugar, cream, nuts to be a real go-go crowd-getter

Cherry Deluxe -- nothing identifiable whatsoever other than the Texture of the cherry skin

Licorice Caramel -- mehkay

Many other piecess included in this box… too many in fact (for a full listing, click image upper right). Simply not worth the teeth enamel to finish this unless someone wants cavity fillings to speak back evil to them about chocolate.

Reviewed February 10, 2015

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