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Wine Country Chocolates

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Country USA   (Sonoma, CA)
Style New School      (for beginners)
Dumbfounding consistency: anticipation met by disappointment... chocolate after chocolate
Presentation   3.9 / 5
simple times, environmental awareness & sophistocratic country living (the professor has retired to the summer family estate); pieces high gloss, dark, & easy on the eye
Aromas   4.1 / 5
candied/brandied cherry bomb explodes off dark chocolate ballistics
Textures/Melt   4.6 / 10
Shells: hard & thick
Centers: integration issues further the mess - super smooth ganache melts quickly, long before the shell, & separates out all too often in a clean mound out-of-sync w/out the 2 relating
Flavor   28.7 / 50
the choices: a) muddled, muted, & insipid or b) overpowered by gobs of honey that knock the senses
Quality   17.1 / 30
Wine a mere branding theme, adding nothing more than slightly tart fruit lacking any character. Chocolate for the most part also MIA. Heavy-handed, awkward, & largely inedible.
Couverture: Might as well be none
Pomegranate w/ Orange Blossom Honey - squirts of honey ooze all over bedraggled sweet ‘n sour pomegranate
Cabernet Sauvignon - the vaunted Cab pussified in sickly sweet highs
Cappuccino Tiramisu - not exactly cappuccino / not exactly tiramisu but an all-in-one dessert draining down to mucus
Raspberry – riding the Rainbow Skittles after the Smuckers runs out
Chocolate Cocoa Nibs – flat, bland, & inconspicuous plus nibs are grit to spit
Amaretto - slobbering chocolate over clambering spiced-almond
Port - finally, some balance & possibilities as port smoothly slides thru the best chocolate base of the set
Green Tea w/ Clover Honey - crystallized honey way too forceful & green tea herbal medicine extracted from a clump of grass to clobber the senses

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