Box Chocolate Review

Chocolate Bar

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Country USA   (NYC)
Style Mainstream      
A name & some merchandise... but a clever name & savvy merchandising. Carries thin line of chocolates from pump ‘n dump specialists (Jacques Torres & Garrison Confections), in addition to pastries like predictable pain au chocolat, plus beverages. And, oh, those T-shirts...
Presentation   4.8 / 5
official looking, White House-style insignia; in other words, propaganda
Aromas   2.3 / 5
sugar retarded
Textures/Melt   7.4 / 10
Shells: variable
Centers: variable
Flavor   31.9 / 50
misses wide w/ flat & limited selection of middling suppliers
Quality   19.6 / 30
Couverture: generic
Retro Caramel Apple – retrograde reflux reaction... spit me up Scottie; medicinally liquefied apple sauce from a sickened Johnny Appleseed
. 6.15 Retro Key Lime Pie – unlike the Milk Chocolate Retro Apple Caramel, this dark has little filling; hence spared of any Jacques Torres-like affront; a decently good chocolate pie
; 8.06 Chocolate Bar Chai- drinking chocolate; the look: tea or potpourri?; the nose: damp forest as light as an Asian butterfly; taste: slight peppered mint, cinna-money water bucket.
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