Box Chocolate Review

Chocolate Vision

Info Details
Country USA   
Style Mainstream      
Garden variety & in keeping with its chocolate vision - very lucid
Presentation   4.4 / 5
handsome brown & gold set; slightly more heft than the avg dainty thimble-sized pieces often passed around as premium
Aromas   4.6 / 5
easy to catch wind of.... 50/50 split between chocolate/infusions (those decisively herbal & earthen)
Textures/Melt   7.3 / 10
Shells: intermediate strength
Centers: light, almost liquid, cream
Flavor   37.2 / 50
chocolate a sidebar to pronounced flavorings using a modified French-approach w/ big American taste scale
Quality   19.5 / 30
Hobby craft
Couverture: 3rd rate Belgian stock
Omega – advertised as bittersweet chocolate & rare Santa Cruz olive oil w/ Fleur de Sel; bizarre as Area 51 – hypnotic silk-screen design, peanut butter nose, & a late rush of butterscotch molasses in the taste; recalls rollers blades w/ detachable wheels: neither a good skate nor boot
Single Malt Scotch – no holding back: a flood of sweet peat malt
Tarragon – herb bleeds right thru the shell as does anise along w/ core tarragon flavor; long & strong
Rosemary – needles piercing then texture grips a bit for the root canal
Basil – herb way out in front resolves magnificently to chocolate smoke; excellent
Lavender – medicinal strength essential oil
Rose – deviates from the Chocolate Vision standard: slightly thinner shell / bigger bodied texture; infusion comes late & then only quietly as a subliminal memory; sensuous cream the main theme
Mentha Spicta – red flags go off when anyone feeds up botanical names - a likely sign of connoisseur hype; “mentha spicta” is the household stuff of toothpaste & mint juleps – spearmint... attenuated here w/ olive oil for an added layer of green subtlety, meaning the latin nomenclature is warranted & works
Hazelnut Trio – deserved winner of the Nat’l Hazelnut Development award, seeing how it tastes “under construction”
Tango – street-fair material
Espresso Presto – ciao, arrivederci
Champagne – grape juice / kids stuff

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