Box Chocolate Review

BT McElrath

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Country USA   (Twin Cities, MN)
Style Mainstream      
No bullets here, just an intelligent collection. The line never scales the highest heights, nor ever descends the lowest depths. Instead it accomplishes a golden mean – great agility balancing multiple complexes: subtle yet forceful, beguiling & true, rigorous but fun.
Presentation   4.4 / 5
well-molded; bite-sized dimensions
Aromas   4.1 / 5
Textures/Melt   8.3 / 10
Shells: medium gauge
Centers: tends toward soft
Flavor   43.8 / 50
overall delicate effects; a real player who, w/ a little more personality, should reach the maturation point
Quality   26.4 / 30
Some of the better use yet of Callebaut, & some of the best toffee next to Bridgewater & Poco Dolce
Couverture: Callebaut
Zinfandel-Balsamic – puzzling lack of either wine or vinegar as darkness sets in
White Chocolate Orange-Scented Caramel – a conjurer; great trade-off & on between orange ‘n caramel, hiding each other seemingly in a phantom rose garden; signature piece
Dark Orange Caramel – ditto, more of the same except in a dark robe; true blue-chip
Passion Fruit – too brassy
House Milk – liqueur-infused? Pretty fine though it gives off too many hot notes for a benchmark milk
Mocha – superb balance of great force
Cinnamon Star Anise – disguised as tea until, mid-palette, anise pierces thru; excellent lateral movement
House Dark – well orchestrated twixt light/heavy, yielding/assertive; the heart of McElrath’s golden mean
Green Tea – true to its elements yet unsatisfying
Toffee – warm butter then scotch caramelizes into milk chocolate; old school crunch & flavor; bite it

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