Box Chocolate Review


Info Details
Country USA   (El Cajon, CA)
Style Classic      (advisedly)
In back of the middle-of-the-pack
Presentation   3.5 / 5
other than the ribbon, box has tough couture-women, faux-leather feel; medium to large sized pieces, some hand cast, the rest molded & fairly traditional
Aromas   4.4 / 5
billowing chocolate cream pastry & occasional flavor spike
Textures/Melt   5.7 / 10
Shells: mediumgauge
Centers: very soft bordering runny liquid, lacking body, & nearing size 0
Flavor   35.8 / 50
Olde English approach: quite forward & obvious yet occluded; chocolate generally lost in the mix of infusions
Quality   19.1 / 30
Questionable ratios, overstated flavor expression, & integration issues.
Couverture: Felchlin, Plantations, Valrhona
Valencia - variation on traditional 4-spice; orange way out in front then darker spices catch up, conspire, & clash before overtaking it in an incomplete surrender
Pistachio - soft nut bits surround & enfeeble a 72% Ecuadoran; total mess
Dark Truffle – firm shell for the thickest ganache of the set, approximately 1.5:1 ratio, dipped in cocoa dust that initially obstructs Felchlin’s Maracaibo 65% couverture until latter stages, when the plum coffee-cake notes hit hard, limned darkly w/ licorice overtones; shows promise
Provence – lavender busting thru the White shell tamed by vanilla & Dark Choc interior that conjure up mint cookie-dough
Banana Apple – apple sauce cider / banana-cream pie FXs in White Chocolate; Germanic
Jasmine Blossom – smoke turns smoldering as tea overpowers everything - even the burnt edges; jasmine obviously wilts under this heavy-handed pressure
Rose – hard shell to this heart-shaped vixen whose medicinal strength rose-water goes mano y mano against oozy caramel... to a draw
Croquantine – Madagascar cocoa tries but eventually fails to get a purchase on darkly malted butterscotch-toffee tones of almond praline

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