Box Chocolate Review

Coco Luxe

Info Details
Country USA   (SF,CA)
Style Mainstream      
Nostalgic simulation... selling Americana; cafeteria desserts, sometimes bordering jaundiced mess-hall fare, wrapped in Warhol-style graphics.
Presentation   5 / 5
1st rate packaging; cool kitsch
Aromas   3.3 / 5
fillings way out in front
Textures/Melt   8.1 / 10
Shells: demonstrably skilled & relatively thin
Centers: very even w/ easy melt
Flavor   34.7 / 50
cupboard flavors stuck on neutral... nay, dispassionate chocolate
Quality   18.5 / 30
General disequilibrium; needs to raise chocolate volume relative to infusions
Couverture: generic
Angel Food – white chalk spackle
Gingerbread – White Chocolate bread w/ molasses; true to its namesake... bakery fodder
German Chocolate Cake – artificial BGH milk splatter
Mocha – full-city roast; overstated café submerges cacáo
Malted Milk – gum machine malt ball
PB Bite – salt attack; still, best in the series... signature Coco Reese’s Deluxe
Double Cherry - falling over forward; tart & terrifying w/ no chocolate counterpoint
Devil’s Food – sign ‘o the past times; inferior char-roasted inferno
Chai – lavender around tea; innovative piece that washes out into detergent
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